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Iseami House / Robles Arquitectos

© Courtesy of Juan RoblesArchitects: Robles Arquitectos Location: Playa Carate, Peninsula de Osa, Costa Rica Project Team: Juan Robles, Emilio Quirós, Andrea Solano, Erick Guevara, Rodolfo Schlager, Isabel Bello, Adriana Serrano, Walter Mora, Allan C…

The LoL Shield, A charlieplexed LED matrix for the Arduino

The LoL Shield is a charlieplexed LED matrix for the Arduino. The LEDs are individually addressable, so you can use it to display anything in a 9×14 grid. Scroll text, play games, display images, or anything else you want to do.
Since this is a shie…

Puffed-Up Frog

oschene posted a photo:

Last week’s story about the FBI sending a threatening letter to Wikipedia (perhaps because of that wiki-thing in their name?) reminded me of Æsop’s fable about the frog who wanted to be as big as an ox — the frog kept swal…

Red Orange by `lolita-art on deviantART


Ron Gilad’s minimal ‘Open Box Shelves’….

Ron Gilad’s minimal ‘Open Box Shelves’. Enameled brass, ultra clear glass and felt. (Want more? See and

Table Dancers Turn Tables, Show Up To Church To Protest Being Protested

The dancers at the Foxhole in Coschocton County, Ohio, are used to arriving at work to the sounds of protests from members of the nearby New Beginnings Ministries church. But the same couldn’t quite be said for the churchgoers, who …

Coffee Shops Say Free Wi-Fi Is Bad For Business

A recent story in the LA Times says that some coffee shops are pulling the plug on free wi-fi because freeloaders are taking up large tables and only having a single cup of coffee.

Some of the coffee shops say no to wi-fi altogeth…

‘Conserve Insight’ energy use monitor by…

‘Conserve Insight’ energy use monitor by Belkin. Find out how much energy your devices really use including, the cost of operation and the amount of carbon dioxide (CO₂) produced. (Want more? See and

Pigeon Toe released these new air plant wall…

Pigeon Toe released these new air plant wall tiles – living art on your walls! (Want more? See and

Supersaturation leads to melting in silicon, even as its temperature falls

The physical world is full of surprises and head-scratching peculiarities, and a process called retrograde melting ranks right up there with the most counterintuitive phenomena. [More]