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Sustainable Prefab Kpod by KitHAUS

Another sustainable prefab shed was designed by KitHAUS, called Kpod. It is suitable to be used as a studio, office, etc.

This 117 sq ft shed has a bolt-together aluminum structural. With several sustainable features, this shed becomes an eco-friendl…

Grilling: Honey Chipotle Wings

From Recipes

[Photographs: Joshua Bousel]

Ever since The Food Lab uncovered the baking powder for crispy wings trick, I've been rocking grilled wings all the time. With my wings n…

Itay Laniado’s Farm Tools for your Garden

Back in March, we wrote about Israeli designer Itay Laniado’s wooden ladder, walking stick and wallet. Expanding on his explorations in wood and simple mechanisms, he recently completed an investigative study on the material, aesthetic and functiona…

Kaffir Lime, Ginger, Star Anise Sorbet

From Recipes

[Photograph: Max Falkowitz]

Ethan and I are both suckers for East and Southeast Asian ingredients and like to look to groceries in Chinatown for inspiration. After some e…

Tobacco Plants Chemically Summon Insects to Defend Themselves Against Caterpillar Attack

photo: minnemom via flickr

I admit there’s no direct connection between this next one and sustainability, but from a science perspective it’s just too interesting to pass by: New research shows that tobacco plants have evolved a “chemical SOS” signal…

Communal Workspace Laptop Pods by Emma Selzer

These cool looking laptop pods are little workspaces designed to bring together occupants of a 242 unit apartment development in Melbourne, Australia. The pods are placed in a communal area to draw people out of their homes and encourage a sense of …

Color chemistry crayons

Extremely clever concept from Etsy seller QueInteresante: Label crayon colors with the names of the chemical compounds that produce them

As much as I like this idea, I’m obliged to point out a bit of hand-waving going on with the fine points of spe…

Book gone jewelry

Jeremy May of LITTLEFLY has captured the beauty of paper via a unique laminating process. He makes jewelry out of books by laminating hundreds sheets of paper together. The paper is selected and carefully removed from a book, and the jewellery re-ins…

Know Your Meme: Antoine Dodson / Bed Intruder Song

Internet Scientist, ElspethJane, from the Rocketboom Institute for Internet Studies investigates the phenomena of Antoine Dodson / Bed Intruder, his family, and his overnight success.  Click here for show credits.

House With Spiral Slide Dezeen

If you thought stairs were scary, check out this concrete spiral slide that’s part of a family home in Indonesia.

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