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Using cams to solve math problems

[Video Link] Who needs computers when you can simply make grooved cams to solve math equations? (Via Nerdstink)

Using geometry to drill non-round holes

I came across this video of someone using a rotating tool to drill a square hole:

How the heck did they do it?(more…)

Texas Pols Want To Outlaw Full-Body Scans & Pat-Downs By TSA

Politicians in the Texas state legislature have authored a pair of bills they hope would keep the TSA from using full-body scanners and enhanced pat-downs at airports in the Lone Star State.

From the Star-Telegram:
One of the bills…

I get email

I get email

Fiik Skateboards’ motorized off-roader has crazy range

Your basic skateboard is limited by two things: The power comes from your legs, and the pavement that you’re riding on.

A company called Fiik Skateboards addresses the first problem with their on-board motors, operated via a handheld wireless remote…

1983, Monoscope

1983, Monoscope

Not Just A Container

Compete to reinvent a shipping container for Brooklyn’s new community market

Located in the heart of downtown Brooklyn’s Fulton Street mall, the upcoming Dekalb Market will be home to a food market and incubator farm, restaurants, work-sel…

NPR: Help us figure out which Senator killed Whistleblower Protection

Last December, the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act—a popular, bipartisan bill that would have protected public workers who exposed corruption, waste, and illegality—died a sudden and surprising death, not by vote, but by a legislative ta…

Url Hunter! The game is… in the URL!

Url Hunter! The game is… in the URL! (Want more? See and

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