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Letter March

My studiomate Aymie is carving a linocut letter a day for the month of march. Chosen typeface: Champion Gothic by Hoefler & Frere-Jones. Lightweight was chosen based on a deep rooted affection with its ampersand. I can’t wait to see the posters …

Print Your Own CNC Etch-A-Sketch Gears

Thingiverse user BenJackson designed a bracket and two gears that allow you to add numeric ontrol capability to your Etch-A-Sketch.
What can I say? I’ve never been able to draw anything with an Etch-a-Sketch. I won this one in a Christmas gift excha…

Caen Services Building / RemingtonStyle

Shared by hepaestus

Sharing this for the awesome window shades.
© RemingtonStyleArchitects: RemingtonStyle – Pierre Frinault & David Jouquand Location: Caen, France Environnement studies: RFR élements, B. Cimerman Energy and thermical studie…

Last Chance: The Mysteries of San Francisco’s Creepy Jejune Institute

by Rick Paulas
There was a slight chance we were being indoctrinated into a cult.
The night before, during a tough trivia night at the Pig and Whistle, my friend Michelle had scribbled a name and address on a cocktail napkin. “Go to 580 California S…

In ‘The Adjustment Bureau,’ Heaven Looks A Lot Like Corporate Hell

by Maria Bustillos
The order of the universe was upended last weekend with the opening of The Adjustment Bureau, a speculative thriller written and directed by George Nolfi which was lauded by the hard-to-please Manohla Dargis in the New York Times, an…

A Refresher in How Not to Talk About Pre-Teen Rape Victims

by Choire Sicha
It's worthwhile taking this refresher course on rape culture in the wake of that maliciously executed New York Times story about the rape of an 11-year-old in Texas. (I can't even think about that story without becoming enraged!…

Riveredge JayBee Project

Guest Post by Jan Brackett
I first learned about Tumbleweed Tiny Houses many years ago. They are so attractively designed and soundly built; I returned many times to the Tumbleweed web site to fuel and inform my own housebuilding fantasies. I didn’t…

The Sustainable Design of Montrose House by Latitude 38

Latitude 38, a design and build firm based in Charlottesville, Virginia that is focused  on unique and environmentally friendly designs, designed the Montrose House, a sustainable house design. They collaborated with Roscos Architectural, to develop t…