Do your kids love Minecaft?

Did you know they could have their very own Minecraft server and you could be in charge of everything that happens there.

Modules and Plugins

You can install loads of fun customizations called mods and plugins. Want to run really fast? You can. Need better tools for editing? They exist! Need more animals? They have a whole managerie! Want to Fly? Teleport? It’s all doable.

The Modrinth site catalogs a bunch of minecraft content that is available.


Custom Look and Feel

In addition to mods and plugins you can also customize the look of your minecraft server. You can install custom shaders to give your server that custom spooky look all your own.

Your own server?

You can run minecraft on your own computer or you can pay a service to run it for you in the cloud. One is easy and freeish the other is easy and freeish too, but with backups. I say freeish because there are always costs of somekind with a outside service. Either way its your server.

Does this sound fun or daunting?

If setting up your own server is something you want for your “kids” but more you can take on right now, Contact us and we can help you out.