Peter E. Olsen III Resume

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Jem Social

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  • Leading a team of designers and developers
  • Collaboration on web wesign and app development
  • Development and facilitation of deployments
  • Mentoring and coaching junior engineers
  • Built a strong team of passionate innovative professionals
  • Jem went live on October 2022
  • Jem is continuinhg development on new features
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Hepaestus Consulting

Northampton, MA
Computer Nerd, Full Stack Software Developer, Systems Administrator
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  • Jhipster/Java/Angular/Spring MVC
  • Docker/Kubnernetes
  • Google Systems Administrator
  • Google Cloud Administrator
  • Mediawiki Architect
  • Full Stack Development and Design
  • Developed a Docker based Semantic Mediawiki container for use by the insurance industry.
  • Created a Java web application that automated PDF generation for Human Resources document workflow.
  • Developed a chat bot that uses Slack and external APIs for chat room feedback and interactivity.
  • Provide consulting services to various long-term clients.
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Odyssey Systems Consulting Group Ltd.

Wakefield, MA
Software Developer/Systems Admin/Full Stack Developer
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  • Google Systems Administrator
  • Google Cloud Administrator
  • Full Stack Developement Jhipster/Java/Angular/Spring MVC
  • Docker/Kubnernetes
  • CMS Administrator
  • Linux System Administrator
  • JIRA/Confluence/Scrum Master
  • Leading a team of content creators and designers, I designed and implemented a CMS based document publishing web site.
  • Full Stack Development on a project that integrates GSuite, Ultipro, and Odyssey's own business logic for the onboarding of new employees.
  • Maintenance and Administration of G-Suite, Google Cloud Console, and 3rd Party G-Suite Integrations.
  • Management of JIRA/Scrum meetings providing structure and facilitating completion of team projects.
  • Created NodeJS Application for on-demand automated PDF creation and distribution.
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ISO New England

Holyoke, MA
Computer Scientist/Developer/Systems Admin
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  • Teamsite CMS Administrator/Developer
  • Mediawiki Farm Administrator
  • Java, Perl, PHP, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Jquery
  • Linux, Bash, Tomcat, JBoss, Weblogic
  • Go-to team member for answers on the latest applicable specs and use of Linux, HTML, CSS, PHP, web standards, semantic coding, regex, Perl, bash shell scripting, automation, as well as questions about Chemistry and Architecture.
  • Technical lead for all Interwoven Teamsite CMS projects.
  • Automated the creation of wiki servers in a Mediawiki "farm" so they could be spun up for new projects.
  • Responsible for development of new Java based services and products as well as maintenance of existing platforms and systems.
  • Responsible for the general maintenance and upkeep of the entire suite of development, integration, and production web and application servers.
  • Regularly work directly with other teams and departments to troubleshoot issues and develop new products.
  • Developed a method of automatically building Apache configuration files from application pom file metadata.
  • Developed a system to automatically build, deploy, and start web servers in the DMZ network directly from CVS using application metadata and apache configuration templates.
  • Awarded Employee of the Quarter for saving the company significant development costs and potential legal fees, by quickly developing an efficient, lightweight, PHP-based, CMS System for dissemination of court mandated materials.
  • Awarded Employee of the Quarter for designing and developing an Oracle and Java application to simplify creating and publishing web-based business forms.
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University of New Mexico Albuquerque

Bachelors of Fine Arts
Sculpture, Ceramics, Photography, Art History, Computer Science

Chaffey Community College

Associates in General Studies
Chemistry, Computer Science, Ceramics, Photography

Contact Information

Peter E Olsen III
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